November is a time for harvesting the bounty of the garden and gathering up thankful thoughts.  Kids have a bounty of creative energy just waiting to be harvested, too. Why not take some time together to write something to share with family and friends on ‘turkey day’ later this month?  It’s a good bet your small author will come up with something everyone will be grateful to hear before or after the feast.

All you need is a little time and some supplies—paper, pencils, crayons, markers—and a lot of imagination.  Depending on the age of your young writer, the form his or her work takes might be a poem, short story, essay or a single vivid sentence punctuated with illustration.  Initially, you might need to guide the creative process a bit, but once you’ve kick-started ‘imagination’ most kids will zoom on their own the rest of the way through the project.  

Child writingDid your little one visit a pumpkin patch or an apple farm this fall?  Talk about the things seen there in the fields, the animals and plants, and what the child did while there. Was there a hayride?  A special treat? Picking fruit? Prompts: WHEN I WENT TO THE APPLE FARM…or WHAT HAPPENED AT THE PUMPKIN FARM….or APPLES ARE LIKE…or THERE ARE LOTS OF PUMPKINS IN THE PATCH….etc.

Thanksgiving is all about the feast for some of us.  Some prompts that include this theme are: IF I FIXED THANKSGIVING DINNER, THE MENU WOULD BE…or MY FAVORITE FOODS ON THANKSGIVING ARE…or even MY RECIPE FOR A HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

Thanksgiving is about friends and family gathering together, too.  How about prompts that tap into this, such as IF YOU COULD INVITE ANY BOOK CHARACTER FOR THANKSGIVING, WHO WOULD IT BE? Or WHO WAS AT THE FIRST THANKSGIVING?

Thanksgiving is the first of our winter holidays.  But what if it were celebrated in a different season?  Prompts exploring this idea Turkeymight be: HOW WOULD THANKSGIVING BE DIFFERENT IF IT WERE CELEBRATED IN JULY? Or WHAT IF THANKSGIVING HAPPENED IN SPRING?

Thanksgiving is all about the turkey, too!  Prompts for this topic might be WHAT IF THE TURKEY GOT AWAY?  Or WHAT DO TURKEYS SERVE FOR THEIR THANKSGIVING MEAL? Or WHAT WOULD I DO WITH A PET TURKEY?  And so on.

Thanksgiving is about memories.  Talk to your young author about your favorite memories of holidays past.  Then ask: WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT THANKSGIVING DAY? Remember today’s Thanksgiving celebration is tomorrow’s memory.  

Thanksgiving is above all about being grateful for the great things we have in our lives – like creativity, and time spent with little artists and authors.  

Happy Reading!



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